Hello Friend! That's what I call everyone!

Why? Because that's what we all are by they end of your wedding night I hope you see me more as an older sister.

I hope that you find my blog helpful. After 5 years of specializing in weddings I have found that most of my brides are the first in their family to have a big wedding and they rely on the endless amount of information out the on web, such as Pinterest or Wedding Planning websites. This can become overwhelming and confusing. I find that a lot of my brides have the same tastes and likes.

You might be my bride if:

  • You are completely in love with your fiancé and want him to feel that on your wedding day.
  • You want your wedding to reflect both of you, and your new family traditions crated by both.
  • You find yourself wanting to know about your options before making a decision on design, style or colors.
  • You like organization for the peace of mind it provides.
  • You see this wedding as a way to express your creativity and flair for fashion and design. By mixing DIY projects and knowing what to hand off to a professional.
  • You love to pay attention to details or appreciate when others do.
  • Your parents wedding album or in my case my grandparents black and white studio image of they their wedding day is your prized possession.