A Day at the park

How lucky can this girl be? So I have moved to Las Vegas this spring and because of Covid 19 I haven't officailly launched my photography business in Las Vegas. In a perfect act of serendipity, I knock on a window and ask the lucky storefront owner of a #Sola Salon to cut my hair please. She just so happened to be available. We get to talking and I share that I was a Wedding photographer and she says, I need a photographer this Sunday. She described a romantic picnic date in the park, set up by #Easy Breezy Picnics. I was intrigued and sold on the idea of sharing and documenting her perfect date.

It turned out to be windy but Jessica found this house that served as a backdrop and wind shield. The picnic was a perfect combination soft fall colors and textures. Easy Breezy Picnics completed the set up that included charcuterie board paired with wine.

The couple was so happy how it turned out and they relaxed right into it, they probably forgot I was there.

I didn't want to intrude and have them change poses because they looked to connected. So I did my best to get the candid shot. I was able to get plenty of loving moments between Jessica and Derrick, talking, enjoying the wine and feeding each other. Their dog Benji shared the date, I think he sneaked in a cracker or two.