I was making my 2019 Goals list put I will read 2 books a month. But by read I mean listen to on my phone on audible. I own over 50 books on my application, I consider it an investment. I listen during my morning routine while walking Ziva, when I work or have to drive.

As I was making the list, I started wondering how many books did I read this year and the answer surprised me. I've read 23 books so far, some I've read twice and 3 times. Some months I read more than others. but I am one short of the goal I was setting for myself. I see the importance of tracking your time and tasks more now.

1. Girl, wash your face!

2. The art of mental training 

3. Fresh start

4. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

5. Big Magic

6. The Entrepreneur Mind 

7. Entrepreneur: Anthony Robbins: 7 life-changing lessons

8. The 5-second rule

9. The power of Broke

10. The 10x Rule

11. How to stop feeling like shit

12. Eat that frog

13. Grit The power of Passion

14. Manage your day to day

15. You are a badass

16. Think and grow rich

17. Make it happen

18. Girl Code

19. Women & Money

20.  Emotional Intelligence

21. Claim your power

22. Small is the new big

23. Cultivate- Currently reading

I'm making my list for 2019 what are your favorite books? Maybe I'll add them to my list.