2019 will be my 5th wedding season as a professional wedding photographer.

I am so grateful and humbled to have been a part of over 80 wedding stories and I've had the privilege to watch these couples grow into families. I feel so blessed to know that I captured the images that remind them of that beautiful day they dedicated their life to their soulmate. Most importantly to be with you on your wedding day playing the part of Nina. Nina means Godmother in Spanish. I had one bride bring it to my attention and also wrote it in her review that Im sharing below. Besides providing my clients with beautiful images of their wedding day I love to help them be present and feel the good emotions of the day.


My one word for 2019 is Thrive! I feel that I’m ready to move forward with my plans regardless of all of my reasons why I should just leave good enough alone. 2018 was a year of healing. Both physically and emotionally. I worked myself to the point that I needed to take time off to heal my body. I know that every hardship is for our growth. I learned a lot about myself and how strong I truly am. These last few years have strengthen my relationship with Jesus and for that I will be forever grateful. I feel that I'm ready to challenge myself and grow in every aspect of my life.





“On Wedding Wire
Nina and her husband were more than we could've asked for! They were so professional, friendly, fun and most of all very detailed and careful Capturing our special day! I honestly felt like I had a fairy godmother with Nina, I was going crazy stressing, but thank God right when I felt like I was about to break down, Nina would be right there to tell me that everything would be ok and that everything would turn out just fine! She was extremely helpful! If you're looking for someone who you”